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We at Hula ink believe that literature should be heard as well as seen; if we can get you to watch a poem, a snippet of philosophy or just a few words of encouragement in this difficult world in a one-minute TikTok video on your smartphone, we have done our job.

We call our project Poetry & Purpose, and at its heart it is a YouTube channel, but we publish some videos on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, and we accompany the project with a dedicated newsletter and website.

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If you are overwhelmed by the confusion of this world,

let me tell you this: You have today

more rights, privileges and opportunities

than ever before existed on this planet

Odes to Life

Contemporary German poetry is hardly known in the English-speaking world – ironically, it is also hardly known in its own country. But there are still people out there who love poetry, they just don’t see it in the mainstream.

“German Poetry Today” is an attempt to use the Internet and social media to reach the people out there who might appreciate this poetry if they can find it.

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by Hermann
Jan Ooster

Oh tell me – can you write a poem that nourishes?

Spirits 8

by Silke Andrea Schuemmer

and the talk of excorcism is only
the musings of a Sunday afternoon

What is the Opposite of Love?

The Walther von der Vogelweide Project

When love is good, then love is love, but when love is bad, what is love?

you are the time that will be.

you are the time that has no end.

you are the time I have left.

space time continuum / Hermann Jan Ooster

We live in the worst of times – surrounded by war and poverty, oppressed by bigotry and hate, controlled by a secret, rich elite …

At least, that’s the message we hear everyday, and the more we hear it, the more we believe it. The only problem is:

It’s not true.

The world has never been better, the future never brighter, the opportunities never more plentiful. It’s just not cool to say so.

Luckily, E.T. Hansen is not cool, so he can say what no one wants to hear, but has to be said:

We live in the greatest of all possible worlds, and if you cannot see that, you will ruin your own life unnecessarily.

That is what the videos of “Odes to Life” are about.

Ode to

Humanity is Crap

Ode to

Everyone is Better Than Me

Ode to


If you believe life has passed you by,

let me tell you this:

You will never encounter a challenge

that you cannot overcome in some way.

Odes to Life

The Thoughtfully Modernized Edition

Art of Worldly Wisdom

Almost 400 years ago, a Spanish Jesuit philosopher wrote down everything he knew about becoming a man or woman of excellence in society in 300 short chapters.

It was the world’s first truly great self-help book, and miraculously, every word is still true today.

If you are striving for success – if you want to make something great out of your own life – you need to read a chapter of this book every morning.

This is the Thoughtfully Modernized Edition – spoken on 300 short videos on YouTube.

Chapter 1

Chapter 12

Chapter 21

Luck and unluck will come to you in equal measure;

the fool is surprised when it comes,

the wise man or woman is prepared for both

The Art of Worldly Wisdom