Hula Ink Publishing

The Hula Ink Team

The Hula Ink Team

A small publisher in Berlin

What is Hula Ink?

E.T. Hansen founded Hula Ink to publish books too small or unusual for traditional publishers, starting with his most personal book, “Losing My Religion.”

For certain projects, a few friends have joined him. Together we hope to publish more children’s books, books of poetry and illustrated books and videos.

Since then we have begun branching out into videos with our YouTube channel, and in the summer of 2023 we are publishing our first German-only book, “Don’t Eat the Menu,” with the print rights going to Langenscheidt.

E.T. Hansen is an American writer from Hawaii, where he foolishly spent his youth dreaming he was in Europe studying medieval literature.

When he finally made his dream come true, he fell in love and stay on, and has since written and published a dozen books of fiction and non-fiction in German as well as writing journalism and commentary for major German and American newspapers.

Today he lives in Berlin with his co-writer Astrid Ule.

Astrid Ule, Author, Editor

Astrid Ule

Author, Editor

Astrid Ule writes non-fiction and thrillers with E.T. Hansen under the name Ule Hansen (in German), teaches creative writing and edits freelance. She lives in Berlin with Grumpy. For Hula Ink, she writes and edits.

Lothar Rosengarten, Musician, Video Editor

Lothar Rosengarten

Musician, Video Editor

Lothar Rosengarten composes on the guitar and performs on stages in Berlin, where he lives.

For Hula Ink, he produces and scores The Wisdom of 101 Famous Poems.

Matthias Rische, Author

Matthias Rische

Author, Event Organizer

Matthias Rische is well-known in the Berlin literary scene for his literary events, in which writers and musicians gather on stage to present their works several times a month. For Hula Ink, he is writes a series of short stories for translation into English.

Angelika Schäfer, Poet, Illustrator

Angelika Schäfer

Author, Illustrator

Angelika Schäfer is a medical physician, children’s book author and illustrator and poet and writes and paints in her home in a small town in northern Germany near the Baltic Sea. For Hula Ink, she illustrates videos in The Wisdom of 101 Famous Poems.

Roxi Kettenbeil, Illustrator

Roxi Kettenbeil

Author, Illustrator

Roxi Kettenbeil is a biologist in the northern German town of Lübeck, where she writes children’s books, urban fantasy and murder mysteries. For Hula Ink, she illustrates videos in The Wisdom of 101 Famous Poems.

Angel Hartung, Illustrator

Angela Hartung


Angela Hartung is a cartoonist and illustrator in Berlin and occasionally writes children’s books. For Hula Ink, she illustrates many of the videos in The Wisdom of 101 Famous Poems.