The Video Series

Writing Rules

As a teacher and coach of Creative Writing in Berlin, E.T. Hansen often stumbles accross “Rules of Writing” – lists of ten rules or so that established writers pass on to beginners.

In this video series, Grumpy Old Writer takes random rules by random writers and talks about them and his experiences writing. The video series is on YouTube (short version) and Vimeo (long version).

The Video Series

Writing is not About Grammar

They are everywhere: Grammar Nazis, Pedants, people who inspect our writing for the tiniest mistakes – they do not want to help you, they want to sidetrack you from your work and make everything about them. Learn when grammar ist important, and when it’s not. 

Stephen King on writing, and my thoughts on his insight. The Series: Writing rules.

Everyone Wants Something

Being human is wanting one thing after another, from  cradle to grave. To make any character seem more human, in any big way or in any small way, let him or her want something.

Kurt Vonnegut on writing – and my thoughts on his insights. Writing Rules, the series.

DNot Write in the Passive Voice

Writers who write in the passive voice are like timid lovers – they don’t know if they are allowed to do what they are doing. Onbly bold writers are memorable writers, and only things you beleive in are worth writing about.

Stephen King on writing – with commentary by Grumpy Old Writer – Writing Rules.

So what’s the difference between

The Long and the Short Versions

For the sake of the internet, this series appears in two versions:

The short version is for Twitter and YouTube,

The long version is for Vimeo.

What does the long version have that the short doesn’t?

More personal experiences, more explanations, and  practical things you can do to improve your writing.

The short versions are always free; the long version is free for a short time.