The Essay

The Soul

We talk a lot about the soul – not only in a religious sense, but as a metaphor for that unique inner part of us that makes us human: “Does it have soul?” “He sold his soul to the devil.”

But we seldom seriously ask: “Is there such a thing as the soul? If so, what is it?”

In this book – a long essay – I take that question seriously …

… and surprisingly, I find answers.

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No one knows exactly what the soul is, or even if it exists; but almost every culture at every time in history we know has a word for some kind of inner life they all believe to be buried deep within us.

The Soul

What the Soul Means to Me

Writing this Book Changed Me

When I decided to take the question of the soul seriously an researched what we think about the soul (we don’t actually know anything about it, or if it really exists – but we think about it a lot), it quickly became a journey into my own souls.

I found myself asking: “Do I know what’s in my own soul? Am I true to my soul? Am I listening to what my soul, my true inner self, its trying to say to me, or have I gotten so used to just getting by in this world that I have lost contact to my soul – to my true self?”

Writing this book has changed me. Today, I find myself on an exciting, frightening journey to myself – a journey to find my own soul once more, to find out what it demands of me, and, if I can find that out, to try to do it.

My hope in writing this book is that others, too – those who need it – will take it as inspiration to embark on their own journeys.


Even those who don’t believe in the soul soon find they cannot talk about the human condition without referring to it as a metaphor for our true selves.

The Soul

The Book


Have Souls?

There are two versions of this book – a version with cats and a version without cats!

Why cats?

Because when I look at a cat, there is something about that little creature that makes me wonder if there is something deeper inside, something hidden – a soul?

And just like I took the question about the human soul seriously, I decided to approach the question of cats and the soul seriously.

“Do Cats Have Souls?” includes this essay about the human soul, but from there goes on to discuss the question of whether cats have souls … and just because I like cats, there is more material about cats in there.

So if you like cats, you may want to check out this book!


I began to ask myself: What does my soul demand of me? Have I learned to ignore her voice? What must I do to hear her words again?

The Soul