The Book

Have Souls?

At some point in her life – and often at many points – any cat lover will ask herself these questions:

“Does my cat love me, or does she just want to be fed?” “Is she just an animal, governed by the same pre-programmed biological behavioral patterns that govern all animals the same? Or is she an individual, her own personality?”

And when they are gone – a cat lover often outlives a great number of cats in her lifetime – you ask: “Why am I grieving so hard? How silly of me – she was just an animal, a pet, after all – or was she more?”

All these questions are just variations of the question – “Does a cat have a soul?” 

A soul – that thing we don’t understand, yet somehow it makes us “more than just animals,” more than just a coincidence of nature – that thing that makes us unique and special.

Do our cats, too, have one? Are our cats also … individuals, unique, creatures with a sercet inner life that we canot fathom, just as we cannot fathom our own? 

E.T. Hansen says:

“Do Cats Have Souls” is the oddest book I ever write – it’s part serious essay about the human soul, part serious essay about the question of whether cats have a soul, and just because I felt like it, I threw in 12 Cat Tales.  

And a little homage to the cats who were part of my life.”


One day I saw that Miko was getting older and would soon die.

Do Cats Have Souls?

An Homage

The Cats of
My Life

Maybe it’s just me, but I think there are a a lot of people out there who have made the same experience– 

When I think back on my life, I realize that my cats – who I thought of then as just pets – were often my best friends and companions. They really accompanied me on my life journey for a long time.

When a man or woman writes about his life, he writes about friends, lovers, bosses, presidents and heroes … but seldom do we acknowledge the place that simple cats had in our lives.

So I have added a part to this about my cats – little snapshot-like biographies, short anecdotes about what they meant to me in my life – it’s my way of saying to them, though they will never know, how much they meant to me, before they were gone.


We didn’t choose Miko, she chose us – and she was very insistent about it, like a stalker.

Do Cats Have Souls?

The Cats of My Life

Writing About the Soul

We talk a lot about the soul – not only in a religious sense, but as a metaphor for that unique inner part of us that makes us human: “Does it have soul?” “He sold his soul to the devil.”

But we seldom seriously ask: “Is there such a thing as the soul? If so, what is it?”

When I decided to take that question seriously an researched what we think about the soul (we don’t actually know anything about it, or if it really exists – but we think about it a lot), it quickly became a journey into my own souls.

I found myself asking: “Do I know what’s in my own soul? Am I true to my soul? Am I listening to what my soul, my true inner self, its trying to say to me, or have I gotten so used to just getting by in this world that I have lost contact to my soul – to my true self?”

Writing this book has changed me. Today, I find myself on an exciting, frightening journey to myself – a journey to find my own soul once more, to find out what it demands of me, and, if I can find that out, to try to do it.

My hope in writing this book is that others, too – those who need it – will take it as inspiration to embark on their own journeys.


Even those who don’t believe in the soul soon find they cannot talk about the human condition without referring to it as a metaphor for our true selves.

The Soul

The video and Book Series

The Cat Tales

No, the 12 Cat Tales included in “Do Cats Have Souls?” really don’t have anything to do with the subject of the book. I just like writing Cat Tales, so I thought I would include them.

It’s quite a collection – there’s a cat horror story in here, a cat murder mystery, a cat love story, a number of Christian, Pagan and Islamic legends about cats, and a Christmas cCat Tale.

For those who want just the Cat Tales – and for those who can’t wait for the book to come out – I am publishing all 12 Cat Tales as stand-alone e-books and as complete videobooks on Vimeo.

For more info,m check out our Cat Tales page! And enjoy!

The Cat Videobooks

The Ghost of Fluffy McFluffins

Cathy was born with a defect and was something outcast all through school. Her only friend was her cat, but all cats must one day die and we must carry on alone. Only, when Fluffly McFluffins died, he didn’t go away.

The complete audiobook on video at Vimeo. A Cat Tale from the book “Do Cats Have Souls?”

The Casanova of Hill Street

Two introverts, living alone, decide to investigate a mysteirous cat who appears to have single-handedly impregnated most of the female cats in the nieghborhood. By the time they solve the puzzle, they have fallen in love.

The complete audiobook on video at Vimeo. A Cat Tale from the book “Do Cats Have Souls?”

The Purring of the Witch

A young doctor in medieval Marseille during the Plague tries to drive superstition from the minds of his fellow citizens – and must fail. One night, the cat of a murdered witch appears in his study and begins to purr – and everything changes.

The complete audiobook on video at Vimeo. A Cat Tale from the book “Do Cats Have Souls?”


“I’m so happy,” she said. “I thought I would be alone all my life. You’re so dumb when you’re young, you torture yourself so much. But he really loves me.”

The Ghost of Fluffy McFluffins

For Dog Lovers

All Soul,

No Cats

And then there are those poor heartless folk who don’t really care about cats of whether cats have souls or not – but they may want to read about the human souls.

For them, I am taking out the essay about the human soul and publishing it separately as a stand-alone essay, on Amazon.

Coming soon!


No one knows exactly what the soul is, or even if it exists; but almost every culture at every time in history we know has a word for some kind of inner life they all believe to be buried deep within us.

The Soul