When we talk about what it means to be human, we can’t help sooner or later mentioning the soul. The soul is a way of talking about our innermost lives, so secret that is is a mystery even to ourselves. 

Are men and women basically good or basically evil? 

– Is there a purpose, or meaning to life, and why do we all feel the need to find it? 

– Underneath the layers of civility and biological necessity, who are we really? 

– Does love really exist?

All these questions and more revolve around the question: Do we have a soul? And: What is the soul? 

For this little book The Soul, I investigated whether the soul actually exists and what it is – and was surprised at what I found: That to understand yourself, to find purpose and meaning in life, you have to find your soul, make contact with it and ask yourself: What does my soul demand of me? 

All that is contained in this little book, The Soul.

The Soul is a companion to the book Do Cats Have Souls? and consists of the same essay about the human soul, but without the cats.