Abby is unhappy, and it’s her parents’ fault. 

When they decide to get a divorce, they send Abby away for the summer so she doesn’t have to go through it with them – and so she ends up in a cabin the the woods on a lonely island in the Northwest with no TV, no phone, only her weird uncle to keep her company. 

What seems like a nightmare at first becomes an unexpected adventure when Abby discovers that the woods outside the cabin are alive. And someone is living out there – a mysterious boy with green hair who is not entirely human – indeed, he seems to be part of the forest. When she learns that he can do magic, she hatches a plan to get him help her stop her parents’ divorce. 

The Boy with Green Hair is a magical adventure for young people about friendship and love, about ancient myths and the value of life, about unhappiness and hope.  

The story is available as a book on and on YouTube (Grumpy Old Writer) as a free video series, spoken and commented by the author.