My home sure looks different from 4.000 miles away. 

When I left America to live in Germany, everything changed. 

At first, I absorbed the way Germans and Europeans look at America, and I thought: They see what America is  really all about. 

When I got to know Germans and Europeans better, however, I realized that their view is corrupted by their ulterior motives – like any people, they want to see themselves as superior to others nations, and so their views are naturally stilted. 

When I began to write journalism and non-fiction books about international politics, I discarded all the prejudices, propaganda, myths and half-truths that had accumulated in my mind over the years and tried to see America as it really is. 

It’s much different than I thought: 

– No, America did not invent fast food;

– No, the Americans did not commit genocide on the Indians – Europeans had already killed most indigenous peoples in America before the first English settlers arrived;

– No, America did not invent slavery and was not the worst perpetrator by a long shot; 

– No, the American electoral system is not out of date – it’s just that America votes not as a nation, but as a federation of states;

– No, American racism is not the worst in the world – we just talk about it more than other countries;

– No, America does not have more gun deaths than any other country in the world – in fact, many countries with fewer guns have a higher murder rate;

– No, American culture is not inferior to European culture – in fact, Europeans are jealous of American culture;

– No, America is not a capitalist monster: in fact, America is just as socialist as European countries today, without knowing it, just as European countries are just as capitalist as America is – also without knowing it;

– No, America is not in decline, and is in fact still the essential country. 

Today we see American through the glasses of people with an agenda – to make America look better or worse than it is and sometimes both depending on the time of day. 

The video series America Without the Bullshit is what I saw when I took off their glasses and got a closer look from 4.000 miles away.