At one point in my life I looked back and realized that some of my closest friends and best life companions were … cats. 

Maybe it was because I was shy growing up and didn’t have many friends … so my cats became my best friends. I suppose it’s embarrassing to admit that, but at the same time I am grateful to them for being there for me. Part of the reason I wrote my little book Do Cats Have Souls? was to offer a modest tribute to these furry little companions who contributed so much to my life without really knowing it.

My first cat was Queenie – she taught me about death and dying with dignity.

Then there was The Cat Who Let You Do Anything To Him – I forget his name, but I’ll never forget the way he loved to sleep – you could pick him up, hold him upside down, and twist him into various shapes and he kept on sleeping.

Cleo was my best friend all through my youth, and I still feel bad that I had to leave her to go to college and she died not knowing where I had gone or why.

Disraeli was the cat or my marriage, and in a strange, cat-like way a symbol of our love.

We didn’t chose Miko … she chose us, in a strange way that always made me realize there is much more to a cat than meets the eye.  

My cats now are Lucy and Lily. They are sisters, and mostly they hate each other, but sometimes they love each other, but and they are so little alike I often watch them and wonder how it’s possible to have such complicated personalities.

Do Cats Have Souls? is, in part, a homage to these cats of my life, and the book contains my written tributes to each to them.