Wolfram von Eschenbach on writing



This winged likeness
is for the slow too swift,

they grab but cannot grasp
it zigzags out of reach

as a jackrabbit in flight,
as tin on the back of glass

reflects the dreams of the blind
that make visible faces unseen,

but it never can last long,
this darkly visible light

is a joy that quickly ends,
it's the plucking of hairs where no hair

grows, in the palm of a hand
with fingers soon broken,

it's the seeking of love
where love cannot live,

like fire in a fountain
or dew in the sun.

Feel threatened? Remember,
it's all just part of the joke.

I have yet to meet the man wise enough
to fathom the meaning of a true tale

unto the depths where the truth lies,
for thus is its nature

to flee yet hunt,
to dodge yet counter,

to taunt yet acclaim.
Keep up with the chase and

wisdom will let you
neither miss your mark

nor go astray, but see you
safely to understanding.

From the Preface to Parzival... with some interpretation on my part.

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